Bulk Bag Unloaders

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Bulk bag unloader

Bulk Bag Unloaders are also known as big bag unloaders (bulk bag emptiers, FIBC dischargers, FIBC unloaders, FIBC emptiers, super sack dischargers, container bag unloaders, container bag dischargers, super sack unloaders and super sack emptiers). Big bag emptying stations let the user empty the material in any bigbag or super sack and transfer it to another equipment like conveyor, mixer, silo etc. Big bag unloading stations provide continuous and safe discharging of big bags.They also prevent any harmfull dust spread to the environment.

Working Principle

Big bag is brought to the carrier platform of the unit by the help of forklift or built in hoist. The access door below the bag is opened. The bag is untied or cut. Acess door is closed. The system is ran from the control panel. The product in the big bag is automatically discharged and transferred to the unit (conveyor, rotary valve etc) connected to the station.


  • Safe and clean working environment
  • Dust free environment air
  • Simple handling of bigbags
  • Applicable for different conveying and storage systems
  • Wide range of models for different applications
  • Easy to clean
  • Maintenance free design